Imagine a NAS – Network Attached Storage drive that you deploy on your private network at home yet you are required to log into a public website elsewhere to access it and you cannot access it locally directly.

Well, I have a few questions and answers about that:

1. Connected it to my network and logged onto it through a remote web portal. What happened here?
– It phoned home and identified itself by unique ID to them but I never entered a unique ID to do so.
– Must have ‘seen’ my source IP and coupled that with the UID to combine the two.

2. How am I able to access it locally while logging in remotely?
– If you try to connect by \\ it can’t connect and a web browser only shows what looks like it’s expecting a crypto key:
key “notFound”
message “Not Found”
– Speed seems to be local but I haven’t watched a stream to see if this is the case. It’s too fast to be going over the internet.

3. More to follow.